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Our Expert Team

Sneha Sharma
General Manager, (HR & Client Acquisition)

A business policy maker and having extensive experience with Human Resource Management and all other organizational managements in India and overseas.

Gunjan Malhotra
Manager, Facilities & Logistics

A competent manager with rich experience in Facilities Management in India and overseas. Good with Budgets

Dushyant Sharma
Head, Operatoins

A strategic planner and executer having experienced with Facilities Management and Development and Deliveries of numerous online and offline exams. Highly skilled with team building and team leading.

Tejaswi Sharma
Head, L&D (National & Overseas)

Thoroughly adding values to Information Technology Management, in India and Overseas.

Vidit Gaur
Head, Exam Management

A creative and innovative Event Manager with great interpersonal skills having experience with several National and International Events.

Sunil Kumar
Head, Software Solutions & Management

A leader in Business Software Development and Project Management, having hands on experience into Software and Application Development.