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Skills for Schools and Colleges

Youth empowerment is one of the basic tenets that constitutes the development of a nation as a whole. Dissemination of the right skills set among the youths helps in empowering them and building a stronger and efficient future. The training of basic skills set must start at the grassroots level, which are the early days of school and college and the vocational training during these years ascends to other various levels in the future.Our service includes imparting student training at the school level and delivering capacity building training in the schools. We also work towards providing school management and leadership training programmes to the principals, vice principals, and head of institutions.

Included Services

We adopt to the National Skills Qualification Framework(NSQF) and follow the following methods of:

School Management and Leadership Training

Encompassing assessment services, teaching programs, and e-learning programmes for the students, school management and leadership training methodologies helps the youth to learn the subtleties of each subject they are interested in, thereby helping them in optimized utilization of knowledge and enhancing the same.

Capacity Building Programme for Teachers

Skilled teachers are the base of an empowered youth.Our tailor-made teacher training programmes are aimed at imparting training about the class conduction and working towards a healthy student-teacher interaction leading to effective communication.

Some of the add-on features that we offer our clients with regard to skill assessment include:

  • Arranging and establishment of exam centers
  • Deployment of exam center staff
  • Operations at exam centers
  • Managing the candidate flow
  • Keeping a check on the security and quality of exams
  • Project Management
  • Audits and Supervision of Exam Delivery
  • Training