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Corporate Training

At Walkleaf, we are dedicated at delivering quality-oriented learning and development solutions, which are curated as per the specific client needs and requirements. These personalized learning and development solutions positively impact all the core performance indicators of the business, thereby offering cutting-edge technology-driven learning solutions. Our solutions are comprehensive and related to the business and include parameters such as service quality, knowledge index, and productivity optimization. The learning and development solutions at Walkleaf are suitable for every sector - be it telecom, retail, automotive, or IT, our tailor-made solutions help business with maximized results.

Our Services

We aim to offer customized services and solutions that help the brand's business at various stages through personalized and dedicated corporate training programs. These programs include:

  • Functional or Product Training
  • Process Training
  • Behavioral Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Assessments and Need Analysis

Our Partnership Models

The experts at Walkleaf have meticulously curated partnership models coupled with selective features designed as per specific client requirements. The partnership model features:

Joint Learning Academy

With our Joint Learning Academy, you're guaranteed to create a lasting business impact. Along with this, we also assist in providing consultation for performance enhancement and an improved productivity

Training Process Outsourcing

The audit processes at Walkleaf complemented with the development of testing and certification systems for the clients help them in an advanced audit and training process.

Learning and Assessment Center

Our exclusive learning and assessment center include:

  • Designing of a personalized assessment center
  • Conducting of assessment center exercises
  • Monitoring and reporting services

Employee Hiring Process

Every organization understands the very importance of manpower and therefore our employee hiring process includes an end-to-end solution - from induction training to product training, we have it all.